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sgCore library.

   sgCore is a solid-state modeling library. It allows programmers to add CAD system functionality to their programs with minimum efforts for training.
   Due to the simple and powerful API the creation of most complicated objects and manipulating them turns into several lines of code. Now the creators of 3D systems don't need to bother to create their own geometrical core - sgCore will give you all the necessary tools. But in case you don't find what you need in sgCore library, our programmers will add that feature in the next version - we always take into consideration any suggestions on the core expansion.
   CAD system SolidGraph is built on the geometrical library sgCore - that's why sgCore is constantly tested by our users.
   Everything you need for solid-state modeling can be found in the sgCore library.


SolidGraph CAD System.

   SolidGraph is a CAD system designed for constructors, engineers and designers. Due to its modularity, the SolidGraph system can be used nearly in all fields. For each sphere where the geometric modeling makes your work easier and faster, a separate module is written.
   If you didn't find the necessary module among the existing ones, our programmers will write one especially for you - just describe what you need.
   A rich mathematical base, automatic draft generation system, your own draft templates creation, texture creation based on any image, object texture mapping, import and export of models to other systems, a built-in macros system (which gives you a possibility to program in SolidGraph) - this is only a brief list of SolidGraph features.
   Even the free version gives you a chance to study the system and to use it for practical purposes.


rtEngine library.

   rtEngine is a library for forming a photorealistic image by means of ray tracing. It became as easy and comfortable as never before to generate fantastically beautiful images when the program is running and to save them in any suitable format. The set of C++ classes in the rtEngine library allows software developers to get images with just a few lines of code. Any modeling system already cannot do without a photorealistic image of modelled objects.
   Specifying the parameters of the atmosphere, several types of light sources, a comprehensive choice of classes for texturing objects with both parametric textures and photos, fixing the aliasing effect, controlling the tracing algorithm and speeding it up - here is a small list of what is implemented in the rtEngine library. Simple integration with the sgCore library is another great advantage of the rtEngine library. The demo application shows one of the ways of such integration.
   Everything necessary for generating high-quality 3D images can be found in the rtEngine library.



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