SG_POINT   sgC2DObject::GetPointFromCoefficient(double coeff) const



Calculates the object point depending on the coefficient. Any 2D object has the starting and the end points (for example, start and end point for an arc; the same point for a circle). These points are the same only for the closed objects (the IsClosed() function will return true).

Let's consider that the start point is equal to 0, the end point - to 1. So, we can set a correspondence between any point of the object and a number from 0 to 1. This relation will be the one-to-one correspondence.


This function returns an object point depending on the coefficient. Mind, that after calling the ChangeOrient function the circumvention direction will change to the opposite and the start point will be correspond to 1, the end point - to 0. Thus the points corresponding coefficients will be changed according to the formula:





coeff - coeffitient from 0 to 1 to find a point on the object.


Returned value:

Returns an object point by its argument.



See also:

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