static   bool   sgCText::Draw(SG_DIMENSION_TYPE dimType, const SG_POINT* formed_points, const sgCFont* fnt, const SG_DIMENSION_STYLE& stl, const char* string, SG_DRAW_LINE_FUNC line_func)



Draws dimensions without creating a dimensional object.



dimType - dimensional object type (more about dimensional types here)

formed_points - array of forming point the dimension is constructed from (more about forming points here)

fnt - pointer to the font (more about fonts - sgCFont) to write the text with

stl - dimenstion style structure (more about dimension style here)

string - text string to be written on a dimensional line. Can be NULL - in this case the dimension value is written on the dimensional line with accuracy specified in the corresponding field of the stl structure

line_func - pointer to the function which is called for each line segment of the dimension drawing


Returned value:

Returns false if the function fails, otherwise true.


See also: