const   SG_FONT_DATA*   const   sgCFont::GetFontData() const



Returns the pointer to the font description structure.



No arguments.


Returned value:

Returns the pointer to the font description structure - SG_FONT_DATA.

This structure has the following description:

typedef struct


 char                         name[15];  

 unsigned short       table_begin;

 unsigned short       table_end;  

 unsigned short       table_size;  

 unsigned char        posit_size;

 unsigned char        negat_size;

 unsigned char        state;      

 double                     proportion;  

 unsigned char        symbols_table[1];  



name - font name (name of the file the font was loaded from)

table_begin - code of the first font symbol

table_end - code of the last font symbol

table_size - the number of the font characters

posit_size - size above the zero level

negat_size - size under the zero level

state - whether the vertical font direction is allowed

proportion - average symbol length to the symbol heightratio

symbols_table - beginning of the symbols code table


The style of symbols in the loaded font can be defined by drawing (the Draw function) the text or by creating (the Create function) a text object




See also:

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