bool   sgCObject::SetUserGeometry(const char* user_geometry_ID,

                   const unsigned short user_geometry_size,

                   const void* user_geometry_data)



Sets a user-defined geometry to the object.



user_geometry_ID - the identifier of the user-defined geometry, 39 characters string (GUID)

user_geometry_size - size of the user-defined geometry,

user_geometry_data - pointer to the beginning of the block of data containing the user-defined geometry


Returned value:

If succeed the function returns true, otherwise false.




sgCPoint*     pnt = sgCreatePoint(0.0, 0.0, 0.0);

typedef struct


  int         first_field;

  char     second_field;

  double  third_field;



USER_DATA user_data;

user_data.first_field = -1000;

user_data.second_field = 'c';

user_data.third_field = 3.14159265;


pnt->SetUserGeometry("{BE18FFEE-77FB-40f8-B7D1-570D316F696A}",sizeof(USER_DATA), &user_data);


See also:

GetUserGeometry   GetUserGeometryID