SG_PLANE_AND_LINE   sgSpaceMath::IntersectPlaneAndLine(const SG_VECTOR& planeNorm, const double planeD, const SG_POINT& lineP, const SG_VECTOR& lineDir, SG_POINT& resP)



Calculates the positional relationship of the line and the plane. If they are intersecting the function returns the point of intersection.



planeNorm - normal to the plane,

planeD  - free coefficient in the plane equation,

lineP - point on the line,

lineDir - direction vector of the line,

resP - the found intersection point of the line and the plane


Returned value:

One of the following values is returned:


SG_LINE_PARALLEL - if the line is parallel to the plane and lie on it, the resP value won't be changed,

SG_LINE_ON_PLANE  - if the line lies on the plane, the resP value won't be changed,

SG_EXIST_INTERSECT_PONT - if the line and the plane are intersecting, resP will be the point of intersection.



See also:

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