What is sgCore?

sgCore is a solid modeling library created by the Geometros company. This library is a kernel of the parametrical CAD system SolidGraph.

sgCore was developed on C++ only, exports about 30 classes and realizes many algorythms for working with 2D and 3D objects.


What are the main features of sgCore?


The sgCore library has all the necessary structures and functions to build the full-featured CAD system on its basis.


Here is the list of the sgCore library main features :

creating 2D primitives in the 3D space - points, circles, arcs, splines, contours.

the basic algorythms for working with 2D objects are: finding the plane where the object is lying, self-intersecting control, finding points of objects intersection, checking the multiplicity of closed objects.

creating equidistants for 2D objects with various shifts and with a feature of rounding angles.

creating 3D primitives - spheres, boxs, cones, cylinders, toruses, ellipsoids, spherical bands.

supports both 3D solids and surfaces

creating groups of objects

feature to appoint the user's block of data to any object (with further saving of this block in a file>)

calculating of the UV texture coordinates for each polygon vertex using cubic, spherical and cylindric methods of textures mapping.

3D polygonal objects triangulation

flat closed areas with holes triangulation

boolean operations with objects - intersection, joining, subtraction

finding intersection lines of 3D objects

finding the clips of 3D objects by arbitrary planes

constructing solids and surfaces of revolution

constructing solids and surfaces of extrusion an arbitrary flat area with holes along a curve

constructing spiral solids and surfaces.

constructing solids and surfaces from their clips

constructing flat faces with holes on boundary contours

creating solids by surfaces sewing

constructing Coons surfaces from three or four boundary contours

constructing surfaces from the ordered array of points


loading AutoCAD SHX fonts

creating text objects

creating dimensional objects (distant, radial, diametral, angle)

saving objects in the user-defined formats

loading objects from a file

DXF import/export