static void   sgC3DObject::AutoTriangulate(bool isTriang, SG_TRIANGULATION_TYPE TrianType);



Sets the global flag and the automatic triangulation type at 3D objects creation.



isTriang - automatic triangulation flag of 3D objects. If the value is true, any 3D object will be triangulated after its creation. If the flag value is false, then the objects will not be triangulated. You need to call the sgC3DObject::Triangulate method for their triangulation.

TrianType - object triangulation type with the enabled automatic triangulation type. If you want to learn more about the triangulation types, see the SG_TRIANGULATION_TYPE description. If isTriang is false, then TrianType is ignored.


Returned value:

No values.



If you need to create a complex object in a few steps, it's recommended that you turn off the automatic triangulation flag – it will improve the algorithm speed.


To triangulate the final object, use sgC3DObject::Triangulate or turn on the automatic triangulation flag on the final step of the object creation.


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