Currently sgCore is installed and works on more than 1,300,000 PCs in various software products of various companies.
Our general customers:
"We had been looking quite some time for a library that could suite our needs both in robustness and ease of use/good design. We stumbled upon Geometros and what a relief it was. sgCore meets all of our needs and more. An extensive object model, extensive support for design implementation and regular updates. Not to mention the development support provided by Geometros is better than 90% of the development component companies we deal with. Genetibase can't wait to see more of what Geometros has up their sleeve. We will definitely be the first to buy it."

Anthony Nystrom
Chief Development Architect
Genetibase, Inc.
15 August 2011

"The SentinelResource developer team would like to say a big Thank You from and on behalf of the company for helping us, by providing such a powerful and intuitive graphics library. We couldn't belief the power of sgCore, and not just that. It is also probably the most easy graphics library to use without sacrificing performance. We sincerely are looking forward to continue supporting the Geometros developer team and company as such."

Kind regards
United Kingdom the 2nd of October 2006