By purchasing the chargeable version of sgCore, you receive full version of sgCore for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android platforms, free upgrade to the next version, a 24-hour technical support, hot fixes of the found bugs within 1-3 days, besides you will be able to order functions you want to have in the next version of the sgCore library.

Personal License

May be used by an independent software developer who uses the software personally. Important: the Personal License is intended for independent software developers, not for companies.

Single Developer License

May be used by a single developer in a company who uses the software personally.
+ .NetCore example (by request)

Full Source Code License


Site Developer License

The group of project developers who use this software must purchase the Single Developer License for each member of the group or they can purchase the Site Developer License.
+ .NetCore example (by request)
+ Unity plugin (by request)
+ UE4 plugin (by request)